Getting a validated job offer from a Canadian Employer is crucial for the success & outcome of the Applicants' Permanent Residence Visa Case!

CIC places priority on new Federal Skilled Worker applications with a qualifying job offer. Processing times: Most cases are finalized within six months. Employers need to: (If recruiting from overseas) obtain an Arranged Employment Opinion. Most foreign workers can be recruited as Temporary Foreign Workers while their application for permanent residence is being processed. There is no requirement for the employer to first offer the position to a Canadian or a permanent resident.

We Make Canadian Employers WANT to consider your profile!
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Using MyVisa2Go's Job-Matching Service can put an end to a seemingly endless process of frustration and rejection encountered whilst hunting for Job in Canada by yourself!

My Visa2Go works closely with Hiring managers and members of the HR departments in Key-Industries.

Our clients can benefit by getting possible employment in their respective field of work & in accordance with their qualification and experience.

We also have long-lasting working relationships with government pre-approved employers who are willing to accept a foreign worker due to a lack of qualified workforce in Canada (Government pre-approved employers are employers who have identified key skill shortages and are very comfortable and ready to accept a foreign worker due to a decline of readily available workforce in Canada) 

We at MyVisa2Go are well versed and excellently positioned in making direct contact with employers, sometimes even before they resort to advertise the positions they need to fill.


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MyVisa2Go provides a custom-tailored Job-Matching package, specifically oriented towards clients who not only wish to apply for a job in Canada, but rather get one too! Our team of consultants can make your job search and placement on the job market easier than ever. We offer our services for all categories of Job-Seekers.


For the most part of the Job Vacancies available, we provide detailed specification outlining your duties, anticipated start date, salary information, company profile and much more...


Having an official “Progress Report” from a reputable Canadian HR Company can really help you present yourself in front of the Canadian Immigration Authorities (if you have already applied or wish to apply for Canadian Permanent Residence Visa) as it demonstrates that you have gone through the necessary efforts to look for a relevant job in Canada in your field, and that you have the documents to prove that.

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